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The Power of Meditation

We are humans. Striving every day to achieve our goals. Driving ourselves with a force that seems to be inexhaustible. Endeavoring into ventures like we are invincible. Life can be overwhelming. Yet we remain humans with a soul. We are vulnerable. There comes a time in everyone’s life where we feel lost, absent and misplaced. It has nothing to do with your measurable success so it is not quenched by material things.

What do you do? Which avenue comes tagged with reimbursements for your inner ambiance? The answer lies in meditation. It is the power of meditation that helps you achieve your inner Zen. Meditation is not something you do to change yourself. Rather, it equips you to have better control of your inner self.

Do not get alarmed; you do not have to join a religious group or some fancy cult to do meditation. It is something which you can do at the convenience of your time and place. No equipment required. The only rule is your presence.

What Is Meditation?

Meditation is more of an experience than a skill. So there is nothing as perfect as meditation. You cannot go wrong here.
A 3000 years old technique, meditation enables you to train your mind.  It improves attention, focus and awareness. A cerebral exercise that instills clarity of mind and a stable emotional state.

Meditation helps to anchor oneself into the present. It does not need to block one’s thought process. Rather it enables you to observe them without any judgment. The result is a better understanding of one’s circumstances. It develops a deciphering attitude instead of a reactionary one toward everyday troubles.

The Benefits of Meditation

Have you heard of Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet, who achieved a state of tranquility with meditation to an extent that changed his life?

Well, meditation does not come ticketed with prophecies. Yet, it is more than a fad. Many benefits tag along with the skill that has scientific backing. It presents a holistic approach to achieve improved mental, physical and emotional health.

Did you know meditation helps you develop a healthy relationship with food and manage your weight? Surprised? Well, read on to learn some amazing benefits of meditation.

Mental Health Benefits

  • Improved focus
  • Mental clarity
  • Increased awareness
  • Calm and serene composure
  • Increased levels of satisfaction and contentment

According to research conducted at Jon Hopkins University, general meditation was found to relieve stress-related symptoms.

Emotional Health Benefits
  • Enables to channelize the negative energy
  • Better cope with negative emotions
  • Improves the perspective and mindset towards life
  • Help build positive connections within the brain
  • Improves the decision-making power
  • Reduces aggressive behavior and mood swings
  • Instills compassion towards oneself and others
  • Rev up confidence and self-esteem

The emotional upshots create an empathetic attitude which enables you to be better at relationships.

Physical Health Benefits

  • Eases stress and anxiety
  • Controls the release of stress hormones
  • Decrease the risk of heart disease
  • Stabilizes blood sugar levels
  • Boosts immunity
  • Manages blood pressure
  • Develops healthy eating habits via mindful eating
  • Regulates sleep pattern
  • Refurbish energy stores
  • Keep a check on inflammatory processes in the body

How to Meditate

Meditation requires regularity. Lengthy spells of meditation are of no use if not done regularly. It helps the brain to adapt a sequence and pace. Some tips to follow:

  • Select a convenient time and place, keep at it every day
  • Allocate duration of time to meditate; 3, 5 or 10 minutes. Stick to it
  • Sit in a comfortable posture
  • Breathe naturally and focus
  • Let your emotions and thoughts flow
  • Check-in with yourself at the end and note how you feel; do not judge yourself
  • Transfer a mindful attitude to the task at hand after meditating

Redefine happiness and satisfaction. Start meditation with the free Headspace app that will help you start out. You will be surprised about the feeling you get after first 1-minute meditation.  


It is easy to start meditating. All you need to do is stop postponing your trial until tomorrow every day, download the free Headspace app and try your first 3-minute meditation. You’ll be amazed by the feeling that you’ll get from those three minutes. It may even seem unusual to feel how you control every single inch of your body and your mind. But most likely, you will change your worldview, get motivated and feel a wave of complete peace. Who else if not you can organize your life?


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