October 23, 2019
Boost Your Brain Power

Boost Your Productivity With These Apps

Save and download the top selection of apps that will boost your creativity and productivity:

  • Mindly: will keep you organized and focused; boost your creativity; organize your inner universe.
  • Stepik: free online courses.
  • Forest: will help you concentrate at work and focus on what’s important in you life.
  • Any Do: will help you stay organized and get more done.
  • aTimeLogger: time tracks of anything you do.
  • Tandem: will help you find native speakers of any language who want to learn your language in exchange; practice listening and improve pronunciation.

Kristina Lufian

Kristina is a multimedia journalist specializing in storytelling and lifestyle blogging. She holds a bachelor's degree in Communication, Media and Theatre with a minor in Journalism. “Our readers deserve the greatest and most worthy updates of contemporary lifestyle. We are here to help you diversify your routine and inspire you to move the mountains!”

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