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A Self-Made Entrepreneur’s Journey to the Top 10 in the US | Interview with Tatiana Alexeev


With passion, determination and vision, she built a successful business in a few short years.

Her story will not only inspire you but may even convince some of us that we are dreaming too small or help us realize that our obstacles are often just excuses. If you say these are just loud words, then explain how a single mother was able to establish a fast-growing business without knowing English and how through her exhausting never-ending schedule she remains an upbeat and enthusiastic person. A dreamer? A fighter? Or maybe a miracle-maker?

I couldn’t help but ask myself this question while talking to Tatiana Alexeev, owner of “New Image Works”, one of the country’s top medical spas, who has raised a daughter on her own and achieved impressive business success while doing it. 

She did not become dejected as a result of the unfair world, despite challenging circumstances as an immigrant and years of hardship. Quite the contrary, she became one of the most successful individuals in Chicago. She has led an extraordinary life.

I had the opportunity to meet her and ask the question we all want to know, “How did you achieve all of that?”. In this exclusive interview with Tatiana Alekseev, you’ll discover what helped her persevere and what catapulted her success as a businesswoman and hopefully help you understand what a dream big attitude can do for you.

“This business introduced me to wonderful, fascinating people which has made the experience memorable for me.

Our team had the privilege of meeting two absolutely wonderful doctors who run charities for disadvantaged children in Vietnam and organize a week of free treatments in a hospital in Hoi Ann every year (before the pandemic). They donate their own money, time, resources and enormous dedication to helping children with cleft palates and upper lid ptosis. Hundreds of people seek out their services each year. We were fortunate to join their group in 2019 and help with everything we could – from surgery assistance to taking photographs.

The local people’s response amazed us the most – everywhere we went in town, we encountered people recognizing our crew and thanking us in the most sincere way. This was the most emotional and powerful trip of our lifetime! The opportunity to meet such inspiring people only makes me love this business even more!”

Kristina Lufian

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