My gratitude to the Russians on behalf of all Ukrainians

There’s no way back. I personally apologized and thanked the Russians on behalf of all Ukrainians. Lufian believes the triumph of light over darkness will be celebrated with the whole civilized world as we work together in peace, help the prosperous generation, and build a prosperous nation together!

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Enhancing Your Cognitive Ability: Exercises That Boost Your IQ

It’s like your brain is like a muscle. By challenging it with quick bursts of cognitive tasks in short intervals, you can improve your ability to focus. And increased cognitive function, in turn, promotes increased academic achievement, better moods, and overall greater productivity. What’s more? The right exercises for enhancing your brain will also make you feel like a superhero!

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Write a Letter to a Future Self

If you had received a letter from the younger version of yourself, what would you have written? What would you wish for yourself today if you were 10 years younger? An inspirational letter to your future self might just be what you need to become motivated to achieve your goals.

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Zlata Ognevich, Kazka and Alyosha in the United States of America
From Editor Inspiration Lufian Stars

Ukrainian celebrities speak to Americans during US tour in effort to stop the Russian war

In this episode, we speak with celebrities, politicians, and volunteers from Ukraine and the US at the Chicago charity event in support of Ukraine: their

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Watch: Interview with Augusto Valverde

Having started with a selfie stick, he now has millions of views on his travel show, a published book and non-profit organization. It's a 24-minute video

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Lufian Stars

The Day When a New Artist Was Born

It took her years, the move to another country and a word from a random person to find the purpose of her life. This is a success story of Oxana Makarova.


Life Lessons from Julius Caesar

He was ambitious to a fault while being a masterful strategist, which led to his downfall after he was betrayed by one of his closest friends. Discover the

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Lifestyle & Success

Top Films About Human Spirit and Willpower That Will Inspire You

The list of movies about extraordinary stories that will inspire you.

La S13

La Spezia As Port of Many Destinations

Bongiorno! Benvenuto a Italia! Today I woke up in La Spezia, and my instant thought was I want some Italian cappuccino and now, please. Well, nothing is

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