Write a Letter to a Future Self

If you had received a letter from the younger version of yourself, what would you have written? What would you wish for yourself today if you were 10 years younger? An inspirational letter to your future self might just be what you need to become motivated to achieve your goals.

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Watch: Interview with Augusto Valverde

Having started with a selfie stick, he now has millions of views on his travel show, a published book and non-profit organization. It’s a 24-minute video on inspiring words from a Miami TV host and producer.

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Life Lessons from Julius Caesar

He was ambitious to a fault while being a masterful strategist, which led to his downfall after he was betrayed by one of his closest friends. Discover the top 37 lessons you can learn from Julius Caesar.

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Bucket List for Summer 2021

If you’ve ever found yourself looking for that perfect list of things to do before you die, then look no further. We’ve got a bucket list with the most unique and breathtaking ideas.

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Lufian Stars

The Day When a New Artist Was Born

It took her years, the move to another country and a word from a random person to find the purpose of her life. This is a success story of Oxana Makarova.

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Boost Brainpower

How to Trick Your Brain

When you understand how your brain works, you will obtain a huge power. Try these trick methods and train your mind to take advantage of them.

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Lifestyle & Success

Top Films About Human Spirit and Willpower That Will Inspire You

The list of movies about extraordinary stories that will inspire you.


Welcome to Palma 🌴 de Mallorca!

Oh, good morning! Today I woke up quite early again to get off the ship and visit this Spanish resort with fancy boutique shops along the central street

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Success story: Video Interview with Maksym Zakharchuk, a shark of filmmaking

Exclusive interview with Chicago based film director Maksym Zakharchuk about his personal experience in the videography industry, insights for aspiring

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True Spirit of Napoli

 People say the first impression is most likely wrong. Did that ever happen to you? Have you ever mistakenly considered a thing to be something it is

La S13

La Spezia As Port of Many Destinations

Bongiorno! Benvenuto a Italia! Today I woke up in La Spezia, and my instant thought was I want some Italian cappuccino and now, please. Well, nothing is

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Lufian Stars

The Girl with Seven Names, A North Korean Defector’s Story

Extraordinary escape from North Korea - an inspirational story of Hyeonseo Lee, the girl with seven names.

Lifestyle & Success

The 36 Questions Guaranteed to Make You Fall In Love With Anyone Or Even Save Failing Relationship

The mystery of psychology that unites people and helps re-evaluate the entire life. See the list of the magical 36 questions.

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Boost Brainpower

Increase Creativity With These Apps

Save and download the top selection of apps that will boost your creativity and productivity: Mindly: will keep you organized and focused; boost your