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Augusto Valverde is one of the most acclaimed guests in the history of Lufian. In the US and overseas, the media are buzzing about his success story, life lessons and his special message to the world. His triumph over personal and professional challenges has made him an inspirational figure. Augusto rose like a phoenix from the ashes after losing his job, girlfriend and joy. Having found his life purpose afterward, he now helps thousands of people worldwide to discover the meaning of their lives. 

Although, the first few seconds of the first teaser video may have shown him from a worse perspective, but that wasn’t more than just a cheap journalistic grab. In this interview, you will not only discover Augusto Valverde’s story and his projects but also how God, faith and kindness are the tools for finding a valuable meaning in life, a meaning that will ultimately fulfill your future.

His travel show Global Child today has millions of views and he has written a book called “Global Child: Travel with Purpose,” but ten years ago, he only had a selfie stick. There was a time when he thought he was going to die, but by the grace of God, he survived. How did it happen? What happened afterward? And what did it all mean? Augusto talks about all of that in this interview with Kristina Lufian.

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Khrystyna Voytovych
Khrystyna Voytovych
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Augusto is a true inspiration! It was so valuable to hear about his experience in Tanzania! Lufian did a great job as always 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Oleksandr Makarenko
Oleksandr Makarenko
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Great interview! Keep these coming! We need more people like Augusto.

If you are burning with guilt or shame or carrying mistakes of the past, know that God loves you and He already paid for it on the cross, so you don’t have to carry it on your own.

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