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Video Interview with a journalist who escaped Venezuela in pursuit of democracy in the US

Join Kristina Lufian in a riveting conversation with Erwin Lopez, a journalist and historian, as they delve deep into the intricate web of global politics, the Russia-Ukraine war, and the looming specter of upcoming elections. Broadcasting from Chicago, Lopez, a former political refugee from Venezuela, shares his remarkable journey of survival and advocacy for democracy and freedom of speech.

Having escaped the clutches of political persecution in Venezuela, where he bravely opposed the Russian-backed dictatorship, Lopez brings a unique perspective to the table. Through his experiences and expertise, he sheds light on the challenges facing individuals fighting for democracy in authoritarian regimes and the significance of the ongoing geopolitical struggles. In this insightful interview, Lufian and Lopez dissect the complexities of the Russia-Ukraine war, exploring its ramifications on global stability and the delicate balance of power. They also analyze the upcoming elections and their potential impact on the geopolitical landscape.

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