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Weโ€™re accepting submissions from writers, thinkers, makers, scholars and readers from all over the world of online publishing and editorial work. We publish in themed issues and are currently accepting submissions for Issues 5 and 6.

Issue โ„– 6: Stop Being Brainwashed

In this issue, we will cover the most popular ways of media manipulation we are seeing today and in world history. We will explain how it effects society and how to recognize the psychological tricks to stop being brainwashed. For all our readers who always look to self-develop and intellectualize, the July Issue โ„– 6 will become the most educational and powerful guide in 2020.

If youโ€™re selling a product or promoting a service in your piece, itโ€™s probably not for us. We do not accept work that has been previously published or blogged. Please send submissions to kristina@lufian.online.