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Bucket List for Summer 2021

Summer 2021 is just around the corner and it’s time to finish up your bucket list of activities that you won’t regret later in life. It doesn’t take much to put together a bucket list, but it takes a lot more time to make sure you don’t miss out on any once-in-a-lifetime experiences! Here are a few incredible summer bucket lists you should definitely consider for this year.

1. Sleep under the stars

Photo by KEHN HERMANO from Pexels

If you’ve never slept under the stars, you’ve only seen a fraction of what the sky has to offer. So next time you’re planning a trip, we recommend bringing a blanket and looking up at the night sky. When was the last time you did this? There’s plenty of peace and quiet in nature, sure – but when you sleep under the stars? It’s like nothing else. Just make sure to find a safe place and an open mind!

Photo by Parakit Keng Eos from Pexels

2. Spend 24 hours in an abandoned prison with your friends

Photo by Maël BALLAND from Pexels

Why? You’ll never be in a jail cell again. This is an epic way to spend the night without fear of getting arrested when you double-park your car at Starbucks.  The experience is also a great way to bond with friends and get over never wanting to go back to jail after a traumatic experience (like our staff writer, who wrote this article).


3. Go on a treasure hunt spree with your closest friends and family

Photo by Gary Barnes from Pexels

Why? Treasure hunts can be fun and exciting, but they also teach valuable lessons about responsibility, independence, and how to work well as a team. Plus you’ll have way more fun being part of the hunt rather than just giving up if your team loses. You can also do treasure hunts in different locations with friends who aren’t close by so you have an international experience right in your city or town.

Where? You could start anywhere with a treasure hunt; but most people like to begin on the beach. If you live by the ocean, there are tons of places to start digging for treasure! Just search online for other treasure hunt locations around the globe.

4. Fly to Antarctica

Photo by Stefan Stefancik from Pexels
Photo by Simon Berger from Pexels

Why? Antarctica is a place people rarely get to see in their lifetime and it offers a thrill of a lifetime. It’s one of the most fascinating places on earth so if you’re looking for the trip of a lifetime, start saving your pennies now. Plus, there are no cell phones, internet, or any other communication that could possibly derail your experience.

5. See The Northern Lights

So cold? Burned out on camping under the stars? But still want to see something spectacular? You can’t really go wrong by heading for Norway – where is home to some of the most breathtaking sights on this planet! From Iceland to Alaska, it’s not hard to find your perfect destination, no matter what time of year you’re planning your trip! We’re so excited about this one: it’s now easier than ever!

6. Travel via an aerial tramway

Photo by Ricardo Esquivel from Pexels

If you’ve ever dreamed of taking in a gorgeous view while soaring through the air, then this is perfect for you. Our recommendation? Head to Switzerland – since it’s home to the world’s only aerial tramway. We promise you’ll be hooked!

7. Spend a week at an exotic island condominium with 8 of your closest friends

Why? It’s like having your own tropical vacation right at your fingertips. There’s no better way to spend time than relaxing and unwinding with the people that you love.

8. Go on a drive-in movie date in your car

Photo by Roberto Nickson from Pexels

Why? Because these are the last of their kind. Plus, it’s fun to try the impossible. We’re not talking about a date with your parents, but a real drive-in movie date like in the good old days.

Photo by Quark Studio from Pexels

9. Go on a road trip with your best pal without any plans or been online for 24 hours straight

Why? Road trip adventures are a great way to bring people together and build close friendships on the go. You just have to plan ahead and pack lightly enough so you don’t have to stop along the way.

Where? This can be done anywhere! The closest state that allows you to legally drive straight through is New Jersey, followed by Michigan.

Photo by Enric Cruz López from Pexels

10. Ride an elephant for a whole day and learn about their culture

This is one of the most incredible bucket list ideas. These giant creatures are mostly found in Africa and Asia, but there are a few special places in North America where you can go and spend a day with them. They’re incredibly intelligent animals and will try to communicate with you if you try hard enough. They’re also really cool to ride, very comfortable and built for traveling over long distances. Plus, it’s definitely something every person should experience at least once.

Photo by Alexandr Podvalny from Pexels

If you’re a bucket list fanatic like me, then I’m sure you won’t regret adding these activities to your life! There are tons of incredible things to do in the summer that will have you buzzing for months afterward.

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