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The Day When a New Artist Was Born

You paint a picture in your head and perfect this creation day after day. You live in this little world that you’ve created, and it turns out to be the purpose of your life that is completing your individuality. It’s your baby that you are cultivating and protecting. It’s your private territory that nobody has a right to enter. It’s you.

There is only one bigger fear for an artist than opening up and sharing her or his creation with the world – is waiting for the people’s opinions. The time between showing her paintings to the public and receiving its feedback seemed to last forever to her. “I remember how my heart rate [has] increased!” she recalled. “What if they don’t like it?

Oxana Makarova, “Russian native living in Chicago,” is one of those artists that used to hide her art pieces from the public. Well, at least till one day. The day that changed her life forever.


After finishing art school, the young girl decided to move to America in search of a new life that would fit her needs. And what she really needed is something meaningful. “…I chose to come to the United States to expand my understanding of the world: I had to get lost first to find myself next.

After moving from state to state, she ended up in Chicago along with Andi Lewis, her roommate, that has become a vital person in her life path. She kept watching Oxana painting in her room month after month until one day she asked why she is not doing it for a living? “For a living?” Oxana thought. “Who in the world would care about my paintings?

Andi made her create a Facebook account, upload all her works and invited people to like it.

That was a moment when a new artist has been discovered. The artist that did not even suspect that it was a lifechanging day bringing a new future, the hope and sense of life.

Oxana had never been so nervous than the day she waited on social media’s reaction. But the feeling when she opened her Facebook profile again and found 200 likes she will never forget. In a blink of an eye, she receives her first official portrait order. It’s the mixed feelings of fear and happiness: what she does matters.

And just like that, a person standing next to you randomly changes your life by believing in you and supporting you. 

Today, Oxana Makarova is a famous artist in Chicago that takes online orders locally and nationally. Looking back, she now sees how important it is sometimes to go through different chapters of your life in order to find what you are looking for. But most importantly is to find out what is it that you are looking for.


Oil is my favorite medium and that’s what I use the most. I love to paint portraits. Something I enjoy most about my creative process is when I take a step back to undress my subject: peeling back their truth one layer at a time to discover what makes them unique and important to this world.

Often, people don’t understand how difficult it is to penetrate the protective layer that covers one’s soul, but it is one of my most exhilaration accomplishments. 

My purpose is to expose life’s pure truth and beauty.”

When it comes to making a portrait order at Oxana’s, one should remember that it’s not a typical business service all are used to, but a creative service that requires inspiration. “Sometimes when clients describe what they want, I start seeing ideas in my head through different images and combine them into one piece right away. And I just know in my mind that “I got it.” Sometimes I need to think about it and surely Muse always comes to me in the least expected moment. Then I need to rush, grab a piece of paper and draw it. Music and different projects help tremendously as well. Often I experience synesthesia when I just see the music and get ideas for the project. I trust the process of creation. It is not always easy, but I make sure I complete the work on time.

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Oxana Makarova got lucky to happen to be at the right place, at the right moment and with the right person that made her believe in herself and randomly changed her life. But what if you are one of those artists that hides a talent too? 

 “It is very common that people do what they were told to do.  They take the logical route and don’t always follow their hearts or passions because of self-doubt, lack of courage and support. My message to them is that you are not alone in this journey! Get help from experienced people with knowledge. When you think you know everything, consider that you’ve already lost. My friend once said, ‘You should always be learning. If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room.’ So get support from family and friends who will motivate and inspire you. It’s important to hear that so you can continue pursuing your dream,” Oxana said.

“Decide. Commit. Succeed. Repeat. That is my formula for success.”



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