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Watch: How Float Therapy Boosts Your BrainPower

What is float therapy? How can it boost your brainpower, reduce stress, decrease pain, and improve your physical and mental health?
Not only is it a scientifically proven self-care technique, but it is also the newest biohack and health trend. In this video, Karolina Stojanovic, Doctor of Pharmacy and owner of Freeze & Float Spa, explains the benefits of floatation therapy on one’s mind and body and discusses its major advantages.

“We are on a regular basis continuously affected by stimuli from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed,” Karolina Stojanovic tells Lufian. “Our brain is constantly in the go-go-go mode. So, float therapy allows your body for 60 minutes to reduce those stimuli, reduce your amygdala and allow your body to go to reparative mode.”

You will discover:

  • Floating can increase cognitive function;
  • It reduces stress and anxiety, as well as improving your sleep;
  • It is proven to improve concentration, creativity, attention and reduce fatigue and depression and much more;
  • What to expect in the tank (and out), how to use it effectively for the greatest benefit physically and mentally;
  • Is floating more effective than meditation?

The benefits of float therapy make it a widely used therapy that has continued to grow in popularity. Like meditation, it does not involve any outside factors like time or gravity. By fully immersing in a body-temperature saline solution (slightly denser than seawater), your brain simply shuts down all non-essential functions like hunger and pain, allowing an opportunity for healing. It’s a great way to help cope with stress, anxiety or sleeplessness and has been known to strengthen the immune system, improve blood circulation and even heal wounds.

Karolina’s background as a Doctor of Pharmacy prepares her to help people deal with life’s challenges. As a former healthcare professional with 15 years of experience, she’s integrating floatation and alternative therapies into mainstream practices at Freeze & Float Spa in Chicago.  With her holistic approach to wellness, floating has become an important method for relaxing, resetting, and feeling energized to tackle all the challenges she faces on a daily basis. The Pharmacist turned entrepreneur views the therapies offered by Freeze & Float Spa more as essential for maintaining a balance between body, mind, and spirit.

Karolina Stojanovic with Lufian
Karolina Stojanovic, Doctor of Pharmacy and owner of Freeze & Float Spa. Photo: Andrii Ivanchenko
If you are looking for a technique that will make you feel relaxed, relieve stress and give your body a chance to heal itself, float therapy is about as good as it gets. It’s one of the most effective ways to scale back on stress and bring yourself into an optimal state of health. The sooner you try it, the sooner you will be on your path toward a better mind and body.

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