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Top Facts About How World Leaders Read

  • Napoleon Bonaparte could read 2 thousand words per minute.

  • Balzac could complete a 200-page book in half an hour.

  • Thomas Edison could read 2-3 rows of a text at once, memorizing multiple pages due to his boosted focus.

  • George Washington was reading his morning newspapers only out loud. He would carefully listen to the text, mutter and often annoy the neighbors. He claimed that reading out loud helped him get the meaning of the text and define the truth and the lie.

  • Adolf Hitler usually would leaf through the pages of the book from the end first and check if it’s worth reading.

  • Michael Jackson was known as “extremely well-read.” In his library, there were nearly 10,000 books found, many of which have his personal notes inside.

  • John Kennedy wanted to read faster as a young man, feeling restricted by his reading rate of fewer than 300 words per minute.

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