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Top Things to Do This Season to Get Reenergized

No time for fall depression. The season change, rain and cold are perfect reasons to spoil your ego with little things. And we are not talking about hot tea on the windowsill with a plaid on, reading bookи or watching Netflix. This season we want to add diversity to routine. 

No matter if you live with a roommate, busy at work or spend most of your time with the loved one, you need to remember to feed your own ego with the right treatment. November is a month when Earth is recharging. So are you. The leaves are falling, the birds are moving to the south and you are rejuvenating your inner self.

Keep in mind that you are part of nature, and your inner health has seasons as well. And no other person in your life should influence the peace of your mind. Even ancient people from the beginning of time knew the importance of it. 

The word health in Sanskrit, “the mother of all languages,” means coming to one’s own self, realizing one’s own self. Just like a tree has to go through winter, the branches of your inner health go through cycles and start blooming again.


Top Things to Do This Season to Get Energized


  • Feed ducks: as simple as that, just spend an hour on a Sunday morning feeding ducks in your hometown, connect with nature and get recharged for next week.


  • Make mulled wine: to spend a Friday night exploring German delight, a homemade Gluhwein, is a must. Stop at a grocery store on the way home from work, get 1 bottle of red wine, 1 lemon, 3 cloves, 2 sticks of cinnamon, 1 star anise, 2 cardamom pods, some brown sugar or honey and ideally some oranges. These are the ingredients that will help you make a masterpiece with delicious aroma and taste.

 To make a Gluhwein, slowly heat the red wine in a pot making sure you don’t boil it to avoid the alcohol evaporation. Then add the sliced lemon to the wine along with the cinnamon, cloves, star anise, cardamom and honey OR brown sugar. Slowly stir to dissolve the sugar if added and leave to simmer for 14 minutes. Most importantly, don’t let it boil. Now you can remove the lemon slices, cloves, star anise, cardamom and cinnamon. Pour it into your favorite glass, add a thin slice of orange rind and drink it hot. Prost!


  • Art therapy: spend a day at the art gallery and take a painting class. Don’t underestimate the power of art. It was created to pleasure one’s eyes and soul. Surrounding yourself with beauty is a perfect way to reenergize after a long working week.



  • Have a pumpkin latte on the bench in a new park: explore a new park and please your eyes with new landscapes. Spending 20 minutes by putting your routine on a pause, feeling the taste of your first-morning coffee and listening to the birds’ chirp is sometimes better therapy than any meditation.


  • Prepare a meal that you’ve never tried before: the process of cooking is one of the most ancient therapies for stress, especially for women. Find an interesting recipe and try to create your own delicacy. Turn a regular meal preparing into something special and magical.


  • A getaway weekend by the lake: this is an ideal way to recharge the own self for city people. What can be better than therapy in nature, fresh cold air and silence without sirens?


  • Pajamas party: take a day off and simply spend a day with yourself doing nothing. Turn the phone off, order pizza delivery and don’t let the outer world to bother you. Most importantly, nobody needs to know about your plans. Believe it or not, that’s the key to spice up the inner satisfaction that will charge with new energy.


It is very important to remember that you are part of nature and your body and mind cycle through seasons as well. So put everything on pause, look around and listen up: the entire world is surrounding you.

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