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Pyramid of Goals of Benjamin Franklin

Life values

They are the foundation of the entire pyramid. They predetermine your chosen path, and therefore the setting of goals. The main thing is to ask yourself “What is the most important thing for me in life?”

Examples of values: seeking wealth, helping others, family, fame or creating something new.

Global desires and goals

A new challenge is the definition of global goals. Moreover, it can be far from one goal.

An example of a global goal: to create a corporation, reviews, offspring, to reveal your talent, etc.

Master plan

This is the third block based on a global goal. It is being created for 5–10 years in advance. It is a detailed step-by-step instruction.

Example: go to courses, create a portfolio, make the necessary connections.

Long-term plan

It is calculated for 1–5 years and is a detailed analysis of one of the points of the master plan.

Example: you are going to take courses. Where to? When? How much money is needed? How long?

Short-term plan

The period from a month to a year. This stage was created in order to concretize the tasks.

Example: preparing for an exam, acquiring the equipment necessary for the operation.

Plan for the day

This is the very top of the pyramid. The idea is to break down the steps of the short-term plan into smaller assignments that you can complete in one day.

Example: go to a hardware store and buy a microphone, learn a chapter on economics.

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