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NEW EPISODE: Toxic People Unmasked | How to Protect Yourself from Negative Influences

In our latest episode, we delve into the intricate world of toxic relationships with licensed clinical professional counselor, Maria Shenkman. Drawing upon her extensive expertise in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (C-DBT) and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Shenkman provides invaluable insights into recognizing toxic behaviors and equipping oneself against their detrimental impacts.

Hosted by yours truly, Kristina Lufian, this episode addresses pressing questions many of us grapple with in the face of toxic interactions. From recognizing toxic behaviors to implementing effective coping mechanisms, Shenkman shares practical advice informed by her wealth of experience and training.

“I have worked in a variety of professional settings, providing therapeutic services in community outreach centers, schools, nonprofit organizations, executive counseling settings as well as private practice. My clinical focus includes adults, adolescents, families, and older adults. I believe in creating a supportive environment, bringing innovative solutions, and providing practical feedback to meet the unique needs of clients in individual and group settings. I base my approach on expanding self-awareness and facilitating change. In my work, I incorporate evidence-based mindfulness practices as well as mainstream psychotherapy approaches.”

-Maria Shenkman

Join Maria for a cup of coffee in Kristina’s living room and empower yourself against toxic influences. Leave your questions or suggestions in the comments below and subscribe to our channel.

“The methods I use are directed toward helping clients learn to understand themselves comprehensively and lead more functional, conscious, and productive lives. I implement an eclectic therapeutic style. I believe that change is possible for every client and incorporate individualized treatment methods addressing the unique needs of each client. My areas of interest include helping clients who present with depression, stress-related issues, anxiety, trauma, impulse control issues, behavioral problems, relationship issues/abuse, and parental difficulties. My mission is to empower individuals to discover their values and build skills and confidence that will aid them in creating a positive trajectory for change.”

-Maria Shenkman

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