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Steve Jobs’ Method: How To Respond To Criticism

1. Start with a friendly phrase

It is important to soften the answer so that at first glance it seems that you agree with the person. In a further speech, it will be clear that this is not so, but the opponent will already be located toward you.

2. Take your time

You probably heard that haste makes waste. Well, this proverb indeed comes from people’s experiences. It’s better to take your time before you give a hasty answer based on emotions. You don’t want to regret the words you can’t take back.

3. Answer the question you want to hear

Almost all the politicians’ speeches are based on this point when they speak about everything and nothing at the same time. If you were asked a tricky question that you want to avoid, slightly reformulate it in your mind so it becomes more comfortable to answer.

4. Admit mistakes without betraying a team

Of course, if there is a flaw in your work, you can refer it to the team (if there is one,) but this will be the ugliest option which most likely will not go unnoticed. Admit that you made a mistake, but you are willing to work on it. Confess what lessons you learned. People always appreciated and will appreciate honesty and hard work.

5. Try to anticipate criticism

The most important thing is in the end. If you have to speak in public, think ahead of time what questions can be criticized. Write down the answers and practice them. It will also help you feel more confident.

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