Start a New Hobby Tomorrow


Try a new recipe twice a week. Impress your loved ones!


Take a sheet of paper with a pencil and draw. It doesn’t have to be perfect and might seem hard in the beginning, but sometimes the best thing you can do is start and enjoy the process.


It’s time to diversify your activities and try something you always had in mind. Maybe it’s basketball, karate, yoga or chess.

Hand lettering or calligraphy

Always wanted to find that special channel of creativity? Then this hobby is definitely for you! It’s not necessary to immediately buy sophisticated tools; try first-hand materials. 

Board games

Playing a new board game with a group of friends over the weekend sounds like fun? If it does, you should try a new board/card game that will challenge you. Maybe this one will become your favorite?


Have you been keeping your thoughts in a diary? Maybe there’s something worth sharing with others? You can always share your ideas, stories, and photography on Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and other platforms. And who knows, maybe soon you will become a popular blogger with a large audience? 

New language

Want to travel to Paris, Barcelona and feel like a fish in water? French, Spanish or even Chinese… muscle your brain and learn new cultures!

Movie theater

Do you like to watch good movies? Why not make a hobby out of this and become a movie fan? Your TV and laptop screens can’t cover those emotions that you get from watching a movie on a big screen with an excellent sound in the movie theater.

Do not forget to set goals and deadlines to bring your new activities into your life!

Yulia Kralevska

Lufian's Writer. I believe that trying something new, testing your strengths, challenging yourself is what makes your life bright. Life is short, so don’t waste your time! Just make the first step in following your dreams!

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