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My gratitude to the Russians on behalf of all Ukrainians

With experience comes wisdom

Growing up in Ukraine, I dreamed of discovering an unexplored yet fascinating world that seemed so grand and exciting. My dreams were as big as any healthy teenager’s, and it was nothing wrong to wish success and prosperity. The more life lessons I learn in March of 2022, the more I begin to believe I cared about the most meaningless and invaluable things that today seem to be the last things that can truly make a person happy. Is this what you call wisdom?

Today, I think of those Ukrainian children who are hiding in bomb shelters and getting evacuated as missile explosions and gunfire ring out in the background. I wonder if they feel the same way about the world as we do? What are their dreams? Will they become a healthy next generation? What if The Cranberries “Zombie” lyrics “in your head, they’re still fighting with their tanks, and their bombs, in your head, they are dying” will become their mentality?

A little girl was seen in tears after saying goodbye to her father (Image: REUTERS)


I’ve been hearing a lot lately that the current war in Ukraine is showing who is who inside the country and outside the borders. Personally, I have made cardinal conclusions about people and the world that will change my life, my perspective, and even my tolerance during these few weeks of an unspeakable Russian invasion in the 21st century:

  • They are not you, they think differently from you;
  • People do not always share your moral values, nor do they care what matters to you: some prefer to exist, not live;
  • While some do not understand the meaning of dignity, others would rather die than live without it;
  • Some even find happiness in genocide and watching an entire nation of men, children, and women suffer blood and fear.

But the most important and scariest part is that it has been happening in history, we always knew it exists on Earth and we actually don’t learn from history.


They say it’s not me, it’s Putin… Are Putin’s sons bombing the heart of Europe today and killing civilians? Has Putin been killing and arresting Ukrainians since 1860 for speaking or writing in Ukrainian? Perhaps he confiscated food from them 90 years ago, causing 4 million souls to die of hunger?

An explosion in Kyiv early Thursday, Feb. 24. Explosions were heard before dawn in Kyiv, Kharkiv and Odesa. Photo: Ukrainian President's office / via Zuma Press
The Valuev Circular of 1860, designed to eradicate the usage of Ukrainian language.

Kharkiv, 1933

Dead child on the streets of Kharkiv, Ukraine, during the Holodomor 1933
Dead child on the streets of Kharkiv, Ukraine, during the Holodomor, photo by Alexander Wienerberger, 1933.

Kharkiv, 2022

A man mourns near a body after a Russian airstrike hits Kharkiv, 2022 (Image: Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

People say that history repeats itself. Maybe it does, but only for those who are too small-minded to learn from it and evolve. Let me tell you something: not for the Ukrainian people! Not this time! Never EVER again! That’s right, you are small-minded, for there is no other way to explain why you do not comprehend this nation, its freedom, dignity, and its internationally recognized spirit. You have no clue what those are, and you want to destroy it all because your arrogance prevents you from letting others have what you cannot.

History in the making

You are big, but we are great,” the Ukrainian lyrics that will live on forever. 144 million Russians turned their backs on Ukrainian tears and refused to stop their leader. From now on, the civilized nations view you as silent, willful, and evil ruthless Racists with dark souls, and limited intelligence.

As a result, the history books will portray Russians as marauders who rape and murder women in Kherson, loot, bomb hospitals, kill women along with unborn babies in their wombs, who officially refuse to repatriate thousands of corpses of their own army that are still lying in the fields throughout Ukraine, most of whose IDs identify them as 18-years-olds.

This is your face, this is how civilization will identify the Russian federation’s people, and this is what students will be learning in schools across the globe until the end of time.

Honestly, I feel bad for you because you have chosen to burn in hell forever out of your own free will. Our hearts go out to those few percent of your adequate individuals who speak up, protest, and do anything to preserve their Russian identity. Because of you, they become prisoners on their own land, lose their freedom of expression, and are isolated from the rest of the world. Yet, I don’t feel bad that this is how the world will remember the rest of you – miserable humans without a trace of humanity. There are thousands of murders every day, and it will take you a thousand years to pay for each.

The 15th day of the war – a day in which I saw life in black and white which had previously appeared complex. In the aftermath of Russian aggression, I have had to reframe things, learn lessons, change perspectives, and clarify everything.

You’ve taught us wisdom, you’ve shown us your ugly souls, you’ve made our President the most admired leader in the world, you’ve united Ukrainians and made us the most fearless nation on the planet, so thank you so much! By your efforts, I, like 43 million Ukrainians, know who I am, what I am worth, what I am capable of, and what a privilege it is to be part of the great Ukrainian spirit.


I want to apologize for my unethical fury. It’s unacceptable for a journalist to express emotions, even if the journalist is a native Ukrainian who fears the deadly consequences for her family and homeland. 

As compensation, I would like to point out some of the significant contributions of the Russian people. In the name of all Ukrainians, I would like to sincerely thank you for your efforts and the following inputs:

  • People of all ages, of all nationalities, of different languages and religions, stand with Ukraine and paint blue and yellow colors;
  • The world has united into one nation called humanity and hope;
  • Ukraine is becoming a symbol of democracy, power, and peace;
  • From every corner of the countryside to the farthest reaches of the city, you hear “Glory to the Ukrainian heroes!”;
  • Everybody from Leo Di Caprio, Mila Kunis and Elon Musk to little children in every nation is eagerly anticipating the official victory of the war that you have already lost;
  • The whole world knows that Putin is huilo;
  • The light will triumph over the darkness.
I am Ukraine!

In March 2022, I have grown a thousand years wiser. From New York to Prague, blue and yellow colors cherish my spirit.

I am Ukraine. It is my President and my heroes who are changing the world. My children are raised to live in dignity and to celebrate the Lord’s truth.

As God used his son Jesus to bring life, light, love, and wisdom to the world, He is now using my land and people to bring unity around the world, empower the human spirit, and win the battle against darkness.

 I am Ukraine, always have been and always will be!

Kristina Lufian

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