August 17, 2019

Pre Halloween Masquerade Gatsby Themed Party

There are two major features about October in Chicago: cold winds and countless themed parties.

I don’t need to advertise the Godfrey Hotel in River North, as it’s the most popular rooftop in Chicago. If you are a tourist and ask somebody where to go out downtown Chicago, I am more that sure that the first place that comes to one’s mind is the IO Godfrey lounge.

Very often they do exclusive parties. The best way to follow all of them is simply subscribe to the IO Godfrey’s page on Facebook and get notifications about its events.

The lounge is also very popular for its Halloween parties. But if you ever want to witness the most viral Halloween party in IO Godfrey, you HAVE to get the tickets at least one month in advance, as they sell out as soon as they are released.

However, you can easily purchase a ticket for a pre-Halloween party at anytime. This year it was a Gatsby themed masquerade party, which I and my girlfriends have visited. It was  the last minute thing, but luckily, there are plenty of costumes stores in Chicago, so we were able to acquire some masks and feathers. The rest for your outfit is up to your imagination and budget.

In the conclusion, I would say that such event is perfect for both, males and females. It’s a great reason for girls to wear sparkly dresses, fashionable feathers and accessories and look like Merlin Monroe. For guys it’s a good chance to meet a lot of single beautiful girls, as such events are popular among women. 😉

Every weekend there are so many exclusive events happening in Chicago. Very soon, I am going to make a special list of the most interesting and affordable events and places to visit in Chicago. Subscribe to our channel, share your ideas and stay tuned!

Kristina Lufian

Kristina is a multimedia journalist specializing in LifeStyle blogging. She holds a bachelor's degree in Communication, Media and Theatre with a minor in Journalism.

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