August 17, 2019
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New York Fashion Week 2019

Just like another little girl’s big dream came true–Kristina went to New York Fashion Week 2019. (It’s good to be friends with fashion bloggers.)

As a Chicagoan, I could definitely feel a big difference between our fashion worlds. Carrie Bradshaw would be a perfect description of how the New York ladies look like. Besides, the entire world came to the city for this fashion week, so the New York City was full with extraordinary fashionistas like never at another time of the year.

Just imagine the atmosphere in the New York City during the fashion week: designers from different states of America with hundreds of fashion shows taking over Manhattan; photographers following models, fashion bloggers and other fashionistas from all directions; tourists trying to share a street in order to make a picture with its hottest photography spots… In other words, I and my friends didn’t even have a chance to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee without rushing anywhere. We wanted to see it all!


From all angles, everything indeed looked bright and unique, but the runway by Lan Yuwas the most outstanding. Her spring collection was the most feminine and romantic this year.


It’s a combination of delicate dresses ideally worn with flowers in the hair and elegant silk dresses sometimes with a denim jacket. Have you ever felt that feeling when the artist can read your mind and speak to you in you language? Well, I was lucky to experience that with Lan Yu.

In the blink of an eye, the week has passed; however, I did bring a lot of impressions from New York City and now looking forward to the Milan Fashion Week in September!

Kristina Lufian

Kristina is a multimedia journalist specializing in LifeStyle blogging. She holds a bachelor's degree in Communication, Media and Theatre with a minor in Journalism.

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