August 17, 2019
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How To Become And Stay Flexible With Years

My personal tip on how to stay flexible with years is very simple. I don’t have to have a specific way to work out or take expensive ballet classes. Very often, I don’t even have time to dedicate specifically to it; but even if I do, it wouldn’t be often enough to really stay flexible every day. Usually, when we go to the gym, we focus on muscles or cardio anyway.

Of course, the fact that I was a rhythmic gymnast in the childhood and then a dancer in the teens is a good explanation of why I am flexible nowadays. However, that happened many years ago, but my love and passion are still with me in the adulthood. The sport discipline in the childhood was the foundation of my today’s daily routine and the workout process. It has been established and then developed throughout the years. In other words, the way my daily routine was back in the days when I was a rhythmic gymnast is very similar to my routine today. And it’s something that you can develop yourself no matter how old you are and what experience you have.

I am not a professional gymnast or dancer today at all. So don’t ever think that it’s too late to become flexible, or at least, to be able to do a split. I am like you, have a full-time job, watch TV after work in the evenings with a glass of wine. 😉

 So how do I stay flexible even after a ten-year break from the sports?

Photo by Apollo Reyes

Photo by Apollo Reyes

I am stretching all the time little by little almost everywhere throughout the day. I am sitting on the split when I have a cup of coffee in the morning, I am stretching and sitting on the split when I watch TV, clean my apartment, talk on the phone and sometimes even at work at my desk. 😉 I am even sitting on the split now when I am writing this for you. Whenever I get a chance, I am stretching by moving and holding my leg up or sitting on the split on the floor.

Close people in my life are aware of it. This is something that others can get used to and not necessarily call you crazy. he-he  This is something that you can develop little by little as well. Whenever you get an opportunity, do it. Next time, when you have a long phone call with your friend, don’t just sit on the couch and talk, but put your leg up against the wall and lean toward it. Or when you are going to watch a movie, make a cup of tea and stretch as close to the split as possible (or simply sit on a split as long as you can if you are flexible already.) Do it all the time with a two-minute split per day in the beginning. And each time when you go to the gym, start out with a more intense stretch to warm up your muscles. This way you can step-by-step become more flexible, and most importantly, stay flexible.

In the meantime, I am going to record a few effective daily stretching tips that always worked for me and share with you. I am sure you are aware that being flexible is always attractive, healthy and in trend.

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