August 17, 2019

Chicago Places To Visit This Weekend

Guidance for January 18-20th

How many times you meet your friends out downtown and wonder where you should go for a dinner or drinks? No time to stand outside in this cold weather anymore and waist your time. Plus, they promise a winter storm this weekend. But nothing can stop us! We want to go out! So let’s plan this weekend in advance and have fun.

This weekend we are going to go several places in the River North, Chicago’s “Time Square.” Park your car and forget about it for the night. We are also going to save your cash on cabs, as we have planned your guide on a walkable distance. Your welcome.

This weekend is all about live music and dancing. So let’s get to the point.

The place we are going to start with is called the Bub City, located in the heart of the River North. This is a cowboy’s type of a place with a comfy atmosphere, packed and fun crowd. You will have to pay $5 though at the door on Saturdays, but don’t hesitate to spend this little cash, as the live concert in there is totally worth it. Every weekend they have different bands playing some pop and country music. So make sure you wear comfortable shoes, as you are going to dance the night away on that floor!

If you are planning on arriving before 8:00 p.m., you can get a table and order some BBQ meat. This way you can stay for drinks after, save $5 at the entrance and just wait for the band later. Reserve a table and see the menu.

Girls, don’t get scarred of the mannequin in the ladies’ room 😉

Alright, it’s time to move to the next place, much more fancier. Now we are gonna walk a few blocks west toward the live music lounge Bassment, which is right around the corner of the River North Hampton Social.

Photo By Do312
Photo By Do312

There used to be a legend among the single girls of Chicago that in The Bassment you can meet many wealthy bachelors and very likely a new boyfriend. Not sure if it’s a still valid information, but the live music and its fun crowd will make your night.

You may say it sounds like these two places aren’t enough for one night (🤨hah! we’ll see how you feel after two live concerts and dancing on the floor for hours.) However, if you do feel like you want to keep the night going when the most places close after midnight., don’t get discouraged.

There’s always The Boss Bar for you, the one and only place in River North open after 2:00 a.m. This is a place on the corner of Hubbard and Clarks streets, where drunk Chicagoans are walking to at 2:00 a.m. from all four cardinal directions like zombies. Sounds promising.

We wish you a happy and fun weekend!

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